Vancouver’s #1 Choice for Diamond Jewelry For 30 Years

“Wady is a no-nonsense, trustworthy, and highly knowledgeable dealer when it comes to diamonds and jewelry. His selection is on the cutting edge of style yet is both tasteful and elegant.” Claude K.
“I wanted to surprise my soon to be fiancé by getting an engagement ring. I didn’t know much about diamonds, but I relied on Wady and his gemologist experience. Neither I, nor my wife, were disappointed; he custom made a breathtaking piece, well within my budget.” James
“I have known Wady for over 25 years. I have purchased diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and studs from Wady. The quality for the price is the best I have found. Furthermore I have referred Wady to friends and family.” John T.

6 Reasons Why Vancouver WA’s Favorite Jeweler is Northwest Diamonds


No Sales Tax!


Since we are located in the nearby city of Portland OR, our Vancouver Washington customers can save literally hundreds of dollars or more on their special piece.  We are only a short drive away!


Unbeatable Wholesale Prices


Not only tax-free, but NW Diamonds offer the best price guaranteed.  We are a family owned business, we cut our own diamonds, and we have enormous purchasing power so we can buy in bulk and offer you the lowest price.  We don’t have a large, fancy showroom or costly overhead, so we don’t have any of that markup.


Over 30 Years of Experience


Over the years, we have handled thousands of GIA certified, loose diamonds and have had tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Wady, the staff certified gemologist, received his gemologist certificate in 1980 so he has over 30 years of critiquing diamonds.


Beautiful Custom Jewelry Design


We prefer to individually design each piece of jewelry, while working with a BUDGET YOU CAN AFFORD. Look at some of our popular pieces here.


Sell Your Jewelry – Consignment Options


Our customers frequently sell or consign their pieces with us as we can put this in front of thousands of customers. We offer top dollar!


GIA Certified Gems


Our diamonds are the best quality, certified by internationally recognized standards. We also ensure that we are compliant with the Kelly Standard, making sure that we continue to support the ethical harvesting of diamonds, to stop the spreading of “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds”.


If you live in Vancouver and want jewelry with no sales tax, contact us today!

Buy Jewelry

With our extensive, international network of suppliers and inventory, our customers receive the best quality diamonds, pearls and other jewelry for a great price.

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Sell or Consign Jewelry

Do you have pieces of jewelry you don’t wear anymore? Maybe there are some pieces that are older or not your style. We can help you out!

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Gallery of Fine Jewelry

We carry a wide assortment of engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and more.  See our gallery of some of our latest offerings.

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Why should I buy from a jewelry wholesaler?

We can offer the best price– guaranteed!

As a family owned business, we have enormous purchasing power and cut our own diamonds, so we can buy in bulk and offer you the lowest price.  We don’t have a large, fancy showroom or expensive overhead and we sell GIA-certified diamonds directly from our suppliers, so we require a much lower markup. We can offer the best price: guaranteed.

Here’s another reason to check us out: No Sales Tax!

We are located in next-door, downtown Portland, OR.   Many of our customers visit from Seattle, Boise, and Los Angeles to take advantage of our cost and location. If you’re not from the Portland Metro Area, no problem! We customize and ship jewelry all over the world.

We can offer you the best prices for world-class diamonds and jewelry.

To buy or sell your diamonds and jewelry, set up an appointment at our Portland office today.