There is no better way to show your undying love than by using a symbolic ring. Many women dream of the perfect ring on their hand.

There are mainly two types of rings you could give to your significant other: an engagement or a promise ring. They both signify your love for the other person and what they mean to you.

But what is the difference between these two? When should you give these rings to your partner?

Meaning Of A Promise Ring

A person in a relationship may give this to their partner. It is mainly used to show that you promise yourself to one another. It may symbolize various things as follows:


Some people will give this ring to their partners to show that they vow to be in a monogamous relationship with them. It reflects their commitment to one person and that they want to be exclusive with them and not be with other people. It shows a devotion to one another.


Some couples make a vow for abstinence and may gift each other these rings to symbolize that. It shows their decision to decide to abstain until marriage as a couple.

Promise of Marriage

In case you know that your partner is the one that you would want to marry one day, then you could gift them this ring to let them know about it. It shows that the partner envisions a future with you and wants to be with you for a lifetime.


You may have a best friend that has been with you through ups and downs, and you would like to strengthen your bond. A promise ring could be used in this instance where each of you gets one and keep it to signify the relationship.

Meaning Of An Engagement Ring

A promise ring may be used for a variety of reasons, but an engagement ring is for one reason only: It is a symbolic way to propose marriage to the love of your life. It is typically put on the left hand. Once this is done, it is time to begin planning the wedding!

The Difference

It is typical for engagement rings to have diamonds while promise rings can be straightforward. They mainly have plain bands and may be custom made to make them more personal. Most of the time the design is that of a rope or a knot to show a forever sign that signifies a promise. They are not required to be flashy but may have diamonds like engagement rings.

The intentions should be made very clear when giving out these rings. To avoid any possible disappointment from your significant other, it is crucial to tell them that you are giving them a promise ring. It is very frustrating for them to be all excited thinking that they are being engaged, only to realize that it is just a promise ring. The money spent on an engagement ring should ideally be more than the promise ring since it symbolizes a lifetime commitment. Engagement rings are more straightforward as they are the real physical embodiment of the words, “Will you marry me?”. Promise rings, on the other hand, may be given years before engagement and may not be a predecessor to the engagement ring.

Giving an engagement or promise ring can be a beautiful gesture to your partner. You should, however, ensure that you know the difference between the two before you gift one of them to your partner. It is very crucial and can be very embarrassing or disappointing if you mix them up!

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